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See your campaign working

Track the effectiveness of your campaign with Analyse. Get an at-a-glance view of who clicked on what and when, identify trends, and link with Google Analytics for an in-depth understanding of how your campaigns are working for you.


Real-time Reports

Track your campaigns live, see and act on results instantly.

Goal Tracking

Track sales and actions on your website triggered by your campaigns.

Analysis Reports

Identify key trends, compare campaigns, average results and more.

Google Analytics Integration

Link with your Google Analytics reports with just one click.

Results that you can put to use

Measure every aspect of your campaigns, from who clicked what and when through to social media pass-along, resulting purchases and more. Identify key trends easily and then put that information to work to make your campaigns even more successful.

What we offer
  • Live campaign trackingSpeed-limiting
  • Graphical overlays
  • Lead list creation
  • Open-rate tracking
  • Click-through tracking
  • Delivery reporting
  • Web-view tracking
  • Social media tracking
  • Day and time based analysis
  • Subscriber growth reports
  • Campaign comparisons
  • Emailable reports
  • Target subscribers by activity
  • Goal/Purchase tracking
  • Google Analytics integration
Why you'll like it
  • Real-time campaign reports let you see instant results.
  • View link-click data overlaid on your campaign design.
  • Create priority follow-up lists based on recipient actions.
  • See who opened your campaigns and when.
  • View detailed click-tracking reports showing who clicked what links when.
  • See hard and soft bounces, domain delivery reports and more.
  • Track views and clicks on the web versions of your emails.
  • Track views, clicks and pass-along of social versions of your campaigns.
  • Easily identify the optimum day and time to target your subscribers.
  • Track list growth and activity over time.
  • Compare opens, goals, clicks and unsubscriptions for multiple campaigns.
  • Email copies of your analysis reports directly from the page.
  • Create new subscriber lists based on actions taken with your campaigns.
  • Track goal completions and purchases on your website that result from your campaigns.
  • Track email traffic within your Google Analytics account for a complete view of post-click campaign activity.