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Target and deliver your campaigns

With CyanMailer, you're the boss - you're in charge of who gets your campaigns and when. With an easy-to-use scheduling tool, you can dictate exactly when your message will be distributed. Get the word spread further - at the click of a button, you can tweet your message too!


Precise targeting

Create rules to combine and segment your lists, de-duplication is automatic.


Test up to 5 campaign versions and automatically send out the winner.

Tweet your emails

Broadcast your campaign to your Twitter followers with just one click.

Choose your speed

Speed-limit your campaign sending to give you time to manage the response.

Right message, right person, right time

CyanMailer puts you in control of your message, making sure it gets sent when you want it. Test your campaigns before you send. Stay legal without the worry with automatic unsubscription handling.

What we offer
  • Comprehensive targeting tools
  • Speed-limiting
  • Frequency-limiting
  • Scheduling
  • White-listed email servers
  • Authentication support
  • Split-testing
  • Tweet your emails
  • SMS message sending
  • Automatic de-duplication
  • Bounce and unsubscription handling
Why you'll like it
  • Group lists together, apply filters and more to target the right subscribers without affecting your data.
  • Choose the speed your campaign is delivered at, to regulate website traffic.
  • Automatically prevent subscribers who have been contacted within x days from receiving a campaign.
  • Pre-schedule campaigns for delivery, up to a year in advance.
  • We maintain relationships with major ISP's to maximise your email deliverability.
  • Sender ID, SPF and DKIM authentication support to get your emails to the inbox.
  • Test up to 5 campaign versions to segments of your list, then send the winner to the rest automatically.
  • Tweet web versions of your emails when you send, complete with full tracking.
  • High quality UK SMS routing to make sure your text messages get delivered.
  • We automatically de-duplicate your contacts to avoid repeat sends to the same people.
  • We automatically process bounces and unsubscriptions for you, keeping your data clean.